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fireplace , fire and wood

No description provided
NAHUM EMMANUEL BAEZ BAEZ 26 days ago in Collaboration 0

Control of Email Notifications

Rather than receiving email on each comment, I would like to be able to receive a daily summary of all notifications. This will reduce the amount of emails/spams in very critical for customers/directors.
Kalina Maneva 6 days ago in Collaboration 0

share from cloud to collaboration

I'd like to be able to directly put my rendered jpg's and mp4's from chaos cloud into chaos collaboration.
Martha Dijkstra-Maatkamp about 2 months ago in Collaboration 0

add pitched roof

it can be use anywhere and you know this
Prasanna K s about 1 month ago in Collaboration 0


water like texture, for pools, sea, water mirrors, crying walls, lakes, fountains, etc....
Mauricio Vicente 7 days ago in Collaboration 0

Files Search functionality

It will be good to add some search of the files in the system
Константин Лукашев 6 months ago in Collaboration 0

Add File Sorting

Implement sorting options for files and folders so navigation trough many items is easier.
Vasil Garbev 6 months ago in Collaboration 0 Planned

Users to be able to comment without а registration

It will be good users to be able to comment items without need of registration
Константин Лукашев 6 months ago in Collaboration 0 Already exists

Disable Email Notifications

Create an easy toggle for email notifications. My clients made a series of comments on a project and I received over 20 consecutive emails.
Charles Messenger 5 months ago in Collaboration 0 Planned

In-app notifications

Implement ability to receive notification directly in the Cloud Collaboration Web App.
Vasil Garbev 10 months ago in Collaboration / Sharing 0